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About Us

Established in 2014, Suvic is the joint venture of three highly experienced and long standing members of the FMCG and the food manufacturing industry who set out with a single mission in mind- to provide a synergy of taste and quality for its customers.

At Suvic, we are committed to producing value through quality and strive at being at the forefront of the FMCG industry and changing it for the better with our standards and our modus operandi. Driven by customer satisfaction, we don’t only endeavor to provide the best but also develop long standing relations with the consumers.

Suvic’s competitiveness and reach rests on a strong foundation of the collective experience of its leadership. Constantly on the lookout for new avenues to expand our reach, we work towards delivering our high quality services and products to a larger number of consumers, turning Suvic into a sustainable business with enduring profits for its stakeholders.

Our Identity

VISION: To establish Suvic as a nationally leading and valuable corporation through quality and customer satisfaction and provide sustainable and enduring value for both its stakeholders and customers.

MISSION: With a relentless focus on quality and hygiene, Suvic aims to provide its customers with the best in taste and hopes that its products will replace prevalent unhealthy alternatives with the assurance of them being made in the hygienic conditions without any compromise.

Suvic will take care of its employees and ensure that they get the proper respect and dignity they deserve. Suvic will also ensure that its vendors make sufficient profits and have a sense of ownership and pride in being partners of the company.

Barring all forms of malpractice, Suvic aims to generate competitive and sufficient fiscal profits for its investors and shareholders so that they have a sense of mental satisfaction regarding their investment. Suvic also pledges to donate a significant amount of its profits for CSR activities from time to time.

Our Vision and Mission

Vivek Agarwal

For almost 3 decades, Mr. Vivek Agarwal has been a valuable member of the Food Manufacturing industry. His dedication and hard work have set the highest standards in manufacturing in terms of food safety and quality. His passion has inspired many to follow in his footsteps and raise the bar.

Mr. Agarwal has worked with some of the top brands in biscuits, cakes, breads and many more. His chapter with the industry has not been a mere one. Mr. Agarwal is part of a group of companies, which has a turnover of INR 8000 million and personally heads the group's food processing units which in itself have a turnover of INR 4000 million. His guidance has been invaluable in the setting up of 4 state of the art Greenfield manufacturing project. More...

Sunil Agarwal

An integral part of the logistics industry for over two decades, Mr. Sunil Agarwal has established himself as a frontrunner in the field. Having been at the helm of a successful logistics company, which has grown over 400 times in the past 20 years, Mr. Agarwal has been constantly raising the bar in the industry and setting new standards with his unique flair for branding and quality. The company, renowned f or its services, is present in all sectors of the market and provides logistics solutions to almost all FMCG majors across India and specializes in the north eastern region, including Bhutan. More...

Chironmoy Chatterjee

Having spent over 35 years mastering every intricate aspect of the FMCG market, Mr. Chatterjee can truly be recognized as a veteran of the segment. Across his career, his dedication towards his work has been an inspiration for many, whilst his ability to build productive long-lasting relationships has often proved to the world that he is more than just a run-of-the-mill professional. More...

Our Leadership